Monday, October 20, 2008

There's a chill in the air.

This is what Amaya looked like after I got her ready for our trip to David and Danielle's yesterday afternoon. But before we left she had to eat, so I took her sweater off so she wouldn't spit up on it. When she was done feasting on her formula, Andy put her in her car seat and away we went.

This is what she had on when we arrived at D&D's. Hmmm. Something's missing. What could it be? Perhaps weather appropriate attire? Apparently, dear Drew never concerned himself with wondering what a baby was doing going out in brisk fall weather in a!

At least Aunt Danielle was there to keep her warm.
Some extra hair on the head will go a long way toward maintaining one's body temperature at a comfortable level.
Don't worry about my head since I've got Nate's helmet to keep me toasty up there. I am the new kitchen floor hockey champion by the way. But don't turn your back on the little guy, cause he'll shoot the puck right on by you when your back is turned.

And then he'll run right over ya with his Wii car while your own son smiles in the background.


  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Looks like a bit of "high sticking" in the background there - I'd watch out for that one.


  2. Mandy9:51 AM

    Men! Oh *le sigh*

    Looks like a nice visit.

    Amaya is getting so big, and really coming into her own little features. Too cute!

    Congrats on the kitchen floor hockey championship. I bet Andy is proud!

  3. Put that child in the penalty box! No high sticking! ;-)

  4. Mandy,
    I know, the child is growing so fast. She looks just like her papa.