Friday, July 11, 2008

Promises, Promises

Many, many moons ago, I promised you pictures of Amaya's room. You thought I forgot, didn't you? Okay, so maybe I did forget--temporarily. At least I eventually got around to it, right?

Crib (duh) It's the same one that Chase used. I like the dark against the yellow walls. I need to find something to put over the crib, but I'm paranoid about it falling on her while she's sleeping. So, I either need to do the wall graffiti like I did with Chase--which Andy isn't thrilled about--or I need to find something soft. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Changing table. The frame above it is from Aunt Jenn. Can't wait for a picture to put in there. Phillies Little Princess cap is from Nana and PopPop. Remember, this is the first girl in the family for a long, long while--so you can imagine the pink buying frenzy that has ensued.

Other dresser. Kinda plain, no? I need to find some things to put on top of it. The carriage is also from Nana and PopPop. Basket to the left has some of Chase's old infant toys. Bulletin board is by Vera Bradley and was my own splurge. I bought it when I was buying Mother's Day gifts--so I just look at it as my own MD gift. That's allowed.

Chase's old glider. I wasn't sure how the blue would go, but I don't mind it so much. That's also his bassinet. I didn't even have to buy new linens for it b/c I had blue and green for him. Bonus. The polka dot thing is a bulletin board that will soon be filled with pictures & ephemera. I hope.

Close up of the decorations above the changing table. The dress is one of my favorite consignment finds. So cute.

Piglet that Chase picked out. That's Aunt Danielle's childhood doll. I think she's a Holly Hobbie. She looks like a Holly Hobbie right? I should check the tag.

And the bathroom...not the greatest picture b/c there's really nowhere to stand to get a good one. We could use some art in here, too. Someday. Maybe.

Because I made you wait so long for the nursery pictures, and because I am such a sweet, giving person, I will share with you this bonus photo of Gran and Chase reading together after dinner one night. Chase really enjoyed this visit with Gran--she had him giggling like crazy and running all over the house. As if that weren't enough, she also brought a whole handful of new toys to discover. Yes, Monkey's grandparents sure know how to spoil the little guy.

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