Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Noodle does the movies

Today, Chase and I met Tessa and Allie at the free morning kid's movie at Regal/Fox cinemas. It was a very special morning playdate as this was the little ones' first time going to a see a flick at a theater. We watched Everyone's Hero which Sam told me was the movie that Christopher Reeves was working on when he died. I would say that after we got past a rocky start that involved spilled coke & juice as well as numerous dropped toys, the outing went really well. All three kids made it through to the end of the movie which far exceeded my expectations of the morning. Since the theater offers these movies weekly throughout the summer, I'm sure we'll be back. Here's a picture of the little man relaxing before the film began. Please note that he finally got his hair cut, and I finally got mine colored again. Finally being free of all of the gray strands is certainly worthy of a celebration, right??


  1. Mandy8:28 AM

    Glad the movies went well. It's pretty cool when you can take your offspring out and about like that.

    Oh, and hooray for haircuts and coloring. :o)

  2. Are you going to next weeks movie? It is Charlott's Web. I think Allie is going.