Monday, July 07, 2008

No rhyme or reason

I have nothing to say really. So, I'll just post a handful of pictures that have no connection whatsoever. It's sad to say that we were at the lake the last two weekends, and I didn't take a single picture. Well, one weekend it was b/c I didn't bring my camera, but the other weekend I was just too lazy to take it out of the suitcase. The lake picture here was taken by Andy using his phone, thus the lower quality. The other pictures are of Chase at a park here in LoCo, and a couple from the mini-reunion at my parents' house in June.

Climb on WooWoo at the park--Chase's favorite hangout

Hanging out with cousin Avery at Grandma and Grandpa's

Picture of Mandy and me taken by the talented Avery

At the lake...those dark figures are Chase, Grandpa, Grandma, Mama, and Uncle Rob

If you don't see a new post for awhile it's because I am either

a: working on putting the kitchen back together
b: chasing the Noodle around the house
c: getting ready for that same Noodle's bday party Sunday
d: in the hospital b/c Amaya decided to make an early appearance
e: all of the above

1 comment:

  1. Mandy8:30 AM

    Chase sure does like his firetrucks. Cute!

    Oh, my friend saw the pic of you and me, and said that we look *just* alike. Given the similarities in our gene pools, I'm surprised these "you two could be twins" comments didn't come sooner in life.

    I really like that lake picture--a lot.

    Love your list. Let's hope that all of the above is not the option. lol. I've got Chase's bday present all ready to go, and will get the stuff for the dirt sometime this week. Need to talk with you re:the weekend. Maybe through email if I get a chance to breathe today.