Monday, July 28, 2008

No Peas for You!

I want you to know that what you are about to read is most likely the last pre-Amaya post of this blog since she is scheduled to make her appearance into this world on Thursday. As the arrival of a new baby is sure to drastically cut into Chase's adult attention supply, I thought I'd use this final post before his sister's arrival to share a few of my recent Noodle observations.

The little dude is at this moment upstairs taking a nap that includes actual sleeping. That last little phrase there referring to sleep during a nap might seem like over kill, but it is actually necessary to specify whether any actual dream time was logged. This is because for the last couple of months, Noodle only actually sleeps about half of the days that he's put into his room for a little siesta. The other days, he'd rather spend his hour and a half running amuck around his room pulling books off the shelf and diapers out of the drawer. Oh and he also has a thing for taking all of the wipes out of the box and spreading them around the room in an intricate pattern that to him looks like art, but to Mama looks like one giant mess.

Speaking of books, while he does still occasionally peruse them during his rest time, he has devoted more energy to something else that he discovered was also in his room: toys. Mainly cars, trucks and trains although on occasion a puzzle or electronic item makes the cut. He'll dump out the entire basket onto the floor and play and play and play until either: A) mom comes in to tell him rest time is over or B) he gets so exhausted that he falls asleep right on the floor in the middle of the 15 car pile up. This usually only occurs during his naps, but just last night found him curled up on the carpet hibernating amongst his stash of survival necessities. When Drew went in to put him in his bed, Monkey fluttered his little eyes and said, "Ok" before quickly falling back into his comatose state.

Ok...that's his new catch phrase. Everything is now, "OK". I'm not complaining as it is definitely better than the "No" stage we just went through. His agreeableness is kind of cute. Picture this: I'm lying on the sofa rubbing my enormous belly. I spy Chase across the room and ask him, "Do you want to come rub Mommy's feet Chase?" "OK," he quickly replies as he comes running over to where I am. Dream like, eh? Except that Chase translates Rub Mommy's Feet into Try to Bite All of Her Toes Off. I'm still working on that part.

Biting will in a round about way bring us to the end of today's entry. You may be wondering about the title of this post. Here's the scoop. We spent the morning at the allergist's office today to find out if the little guy was allergic to peas. Peas were suspect as the last couple of times he had them he proceeded to projectile vomit them right back up. Thankfully, this spewage happened at school, so I didn't have to deal with the clean up. The doctor looked at me a little funny when I told her my suspicions of the evilness of the round legume as it is apparently a rare allergy to have. But she humored us anyway and preformed a scratch test on the little guy. And by golly, the kid is in fact allergic to peas. Never question the Mama people, never.

Monkey doesn't know how lucky he is to never be forced to eat smooshy peas--and that's not even all. Because those pesky legumes tend to cross react, we've been instructed to avoid all manner of bean like material--no limas, no string, no green. The kid leads a charmed life I tell ya.

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