Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's a shore thing

Here are a few pictures from our first two days here at the Jersey shore. We're staying in a ridiculously posh house a block from the beach. Yes, spoiled is a word that I could use to describe myself. Chase is of course loving the sand, sun and waves. Yesterday, he couldn't get enough wave chasing. He'd wait for the water to roll in and then splash his little feet all over the place. He took a couple of headfirst dives into the water, but it didn't seem to bother him too much which is a different story than last year. Today, he took great pride in collecting a bucket full of shells that he then used as cargo for his trucks. He was having so much fun, that he tried to keep us from packing up his toys when it was time to go. All that playing tired him out, so now he's taking a nice little nap in a big boy bed in his own private suite.

Noodle also has enjoyed putting on shows for Nana, PopPop II, MomMom and PopPop I. His ever growing vocabulary was a major source of entertainment--most especially the term "dump truck" or as Chase says, "Bum Crack".

We still have plans to visit Lucy and possibly storybook land, and of course there will be more trips to the beach. So be sure to keep checking back for more updates.

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  1. Mandy9:04 AM

    Such an outdoor kid. And, how awesome that he enjoys the water!! Where are you all at in Jersey? You know, James is from South Jersey, and there is a lot of beaching that goes on near his hometown. My guess is that you guys are somewhere nearer Atlantic City, though, right? I've driven by the storybook land--let me know how it is if you guys go.