Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mellon's Log
Day 2

My second evening with the urchin was not as smooth going as the first. He appeared to be missing his other parental unit as he had a more difficult time entering dream land. Once in the city's boundaries; however, he stayed within its limits until 04:00. At that time he required fuel and a clean diaper. He then returned to sleepy town until 07:00. Lazy, lazy child.

As of this hour, there are no injuries to report. Even so, the captain must think that I am not physically capable of handling this mission as he sent over "The Trainer" at 10:00 for some calisthenics. She wasn't as tough as others, but she made sure that I broke a sweat. I hope the report she sends includes a note about my dedication and overall physical prowess.

I have been conducting my own observations of the infant in my care. I am quite convinced that he is a government experiment gone awry. He has mood swings similar to those of Dr. Jekyll. He seems blissfully unaware of the pain his screams cause upon his caregiver's ears. There also appears to be some damage to the wiring in his independence sector as demonstrated by the squeals of death that emit from his oral cavity when I leave the room. Oddly, those shrill sounds disappear the moment you return and place him in your arms. I must research this glitch further to see if there is a way to correct it.

Yet, he does have blocks of time where he is the model child. He'll study his toy apparatuses for nearly an hour. During this time, he makes weird babbling sounds that must be a secret code that only his makers can decipher. I am not sure if he is sending them intel about the contraption he is tinkering with or about me. I must be more careful what I say around him. It is clear that he has received training in war tactics. He uses his pleasing facial bone structure and twinkling eyes to coerce the enemy into doing his bidding. He is also quite adept at evading the enemy through a system of belly crawls and squiggles. He's a slippery little devil, that one.

Overall, I feel that his design was a successful one, but unfortunately, there was some difficulty in the implementation of the blueprint. This particular model is just too emotionally unstable for use in the field. Perhaps, given more time under my tutelage, he will improve enough to be of some use to headquarters. I make no promises in this regard. Either way, I am sure that my notes will aid in the creation of other prototypes in this series.

I must be going now. I have been given the responsibility of securing the safe transportation of two agents to the airport. Upon their arrival at IAD, they will be catching a flight to Florida where they are to find and acquire "The Wedding Dress". I do not envy them their mission.

God speed,
Agent Mellon

End Transmission

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    well done good and faithful operative!!!