Sunday, March 04, 2007


This weekend has seen a few firsts for the little munchkin. The first momentous occasion of the weekend was that Chase had to have his poop-filled diaper changed in a restaurant bathroom. Yep, stinky la pew boy let one loose in Texas Roadhouse. Lucky for me, Auntie Nicole was there and willing to help Mommy change the little stink bomb. Good thing too, since he ruined his pants, was twisting like a flag in the wind, and was sharing his trademarked scream of death with the entire restaurant. Oh yea and did I mention that I got a little poop smear on the sleeve of my shirt?? Good times, good times.

On to our next noteworthy happening. Saturday, the family took a walk to the park by the community pool. Once we were there, we plopped Noodle into the baby swing for his very first big boy swing experience. I was more excited about it than he was. He just slouched down in the seat and looked at us as if to say, "Now what?". 5 minutes later, we headed home--but not before I went down the slide for old times sake. I am such a child.

The walk in the stroller was more enthralling for him than the swing. He had belt buckles to play with and elementary aged kids to make faces at. One of those lovely tots tried to pretend that Iverson bit him by yelling "Ouch" when he reached down to pet him. Bratty boy. Obviously this was way more exciting than a little ride in a swing.

The last major event of the weekend was Chase's first bath in the big tub without using the baby tub. This trial went way better than the swing. While he was a bit nervous at first as demonstrated by his peeing all over mommy while waiting for the tub to fill, it wasn't long before he reached his happy place. Chase loved playing with his toys in the big boy bath, and according to Andy, he completely cracked himself up splashing around. This is a major relief as recent bath times have been nothing but giant scream fests.

So that's our weekend in a nutshell: poop, parks and pee.

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