Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Letter from the trenches

Mellon's Log
Day One

My tour of duty began when I was handed the wee urchin that would be solely in my care for the next 72 hours and then ushered to a house full of four other operatives each with her own personal urchin for which to care. The four of them were a loud bunch that constantly required attention and evasive maneuvering to keep them from harm's way. Luckily, the only injury I sustained was a minor headache. Nothing that would cause me to abandon my mission.

The mess hall served pizza that night...I believe this was psychological trickery designed to lead me to believe that this assignment would be a cushy one. They haven't fooled me--I know I am in for a very long, painful three days.

After chow, I was sent back to the safe house alone with my charge. The evening passed without much fussing from the bambino, but my nerves about the next morning's duties kept me from a good night's rest. No matter, I've had far worse conditions to contend with than lack of sleep. There was one casualty though: the bedroom TV. The incident is being evaluated by headquarters, but it is my personal belief that there was some unauthorized remote control usage going on. I'm not naming names.

This morning, I had a parley with one who calls himself "The Painter". The details of our encounter are classified, but I think that the brass will be pleased by our resolution.

The day was not without injury though. Today's affliction took the form of a twisted wrist and sore bottom from my slip on the black ice covering the surface of the safe house driveway. I must speak with my captain about the use of the term "safe house" to describe a location that is obviously not safe.

Later, I had to take the young whippersnapper for his bimonthly inspection at the local prison for the under 12 set. I must admit that even with my training, I was a bit tense when a mob of 9 year olds came charging toward us. The lil cherub was temporarily upset as well, but after some strategic moves on my part, we were once again in the relative safety of adult company.

The important intelligence regarding plans for next year's work placement was transmitted to the one called Sal. Couldn't tell 100%, but I believe him to be pleased with the information.

Having completed the day's objectives, I returned to the house with the miniature humanoid. I do not believed we were followed.

There is more work to be done today involving digestion and underwater breathing techniques. If I am able, I will send tomorrow's report by 16:00.

Yours in Service,
Agent Mellon

End Transmission

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  1. grandma4:37 PM

    looks like the little noodle is enjoying the playtime.