Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Check out my bargains!

Trip One:
I got all of the above for $1.69. This was using a combination of coupons and Extra Care Bucks. Plus, I'll get over $30 more bucks to use another time. Those 4 blue bags are Windex Wipes which I'm really excited about by the way. A wipe with windex for cleaning up messes on mirrors and glass. No paper towels needed. How cool is that?

Trip Two:
Everything pictured here for only $3.64. This is all coupon and store sale savings. The regular price of ONE box of the Cheerios was $4.19, so I got all of this for less than the price of one of those babies. Hmmm, they look kinda yummy there don't they? I think maybe I'll just go have a bowl.


  1. That is absolutely amazing!!!! If it weren't you posting it, I probably wouldn't believe it. Wow.

  2. This is probably one of the best compliments that I have ever gotten. I am not sure if you meant it as one, but it feel good to be viewed as a trustworthy source. :-)

    Now that I've got you in my web...let's see what kind of stories I can tell you... :-)