Monday, February 19, 2007

Guess who finally has chompers--er chomper

That's right. The day that we've all been waiting for has at last arrived. Chase has a tooth! Hip hip hooray! He is celebrating this baby book worthy event by continuing to stick his tongue out of the corner of his mouth in what I can only imagine as his way of saying: "Look mom, all that drool has finally led to a whole nanometer of enamel climbing out of my gums."

Earlier today, the little man was working on his scooch. He's getting quite adept at the Army man crawl and can now travel the length of the family room in less than a minute. Little bugger still hasn't figured out that lifting his belly off the ground would make it go much quicker which is actually a good thing considering that we still haven't gotten around to baby proofing. Well, that's not entirely true: Andy did bring the baby gate down from the closet, measured the doorway, and found that it was too short for the opening. And he's the brains of the operation.

I believe that when Chase becomes a famous rock star, his rider will surely state in no uncertain terms that a case of Fiji should be waiting for him in his dressing room.

"Look mom, I belly crawled all the way across the family room. Better get those gates up now."

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