Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nothin' but Animals

Have you ever noticed there is a stretch of I68 between I70 & Cumberland that is completely void of any quick on/off exits containing clean bathrooms? Well, at least from January-April it is since the powers that be have chosen to close the Sideling Hill Rest Stop during those months because apparently no one needs to visit the restroom when it's cold. or something. And wouldn't you just know that would be the exact stretch of interstate that Chase would whimper from the backseat that he had to use the potty Right this second or else.

So realizing that it's a good 15-20 minutes before we will encounter a mother-approved bathroom, we do what any reasonable parents with a boy will do--prepare to let him pee by the side of the road. And you know most boys will jump at the chance to be one with nature, but not my son. Oh no.

Chase: I don't want to pee outside. I'll get in trouble.

Drew: You won't get in trouble. It's an emergency. It's ok in an emergency.

Chase: No, regular people don't pee outside. Only dogs pee outside. Regular people pee in potties.

Drew: Well, we don't have a potty now, so it's either pee outside or hold it for 10 minutes.

Fifteen minutes later, we're pulling into Chick-fil-A. Cause my son is nothing if not a regular person.

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