Saturday, February 27, 2010

Warning: Cheese Ahead

When this post goes live, I imagine I'll be ordering a before dinner drink with my fellow escapees. I plan to continue the celebration by ordering a savory, calorie-laden meal and a delectable dessert. I'll follow that with the inhalation of late night munchies as we sit around the hotel room waxing poetic about the kid-free atmosphere. Of course, right now I'm sitting in my family room counting down the minutes until the start of girls' weekend, so I figured why not share a little tip with you to help pass the time?

Now this is a Mellon tip which means that it's just a way to cut corners. If you want real tips, you'd have to visit the blogs of more together Mamas. But if what you're after is ways to make being lazy even easier, then you're at the right place. 

I've mentioned my plethora of scrapbook supplies before. The presence of this collection of papery bits is the direct cause of an on going battle being raged in my psyche. The lazy part of myself just wants to grab a handful of all occasion greeting cards while I'm at the grocery store to have on hand to give as needed. But the frugal side of myself can't justify spending the money on a pre-printed card when I have on hand supplies to create enough greeting cards to fill the neighborhood Hallmark. Guilt makes laziness somewhat less attractive as an option.

Sometimes, I can get the frugal and the lazy to agree on a compromise: mass produce handmade cards. This requires little thought as you just keep repeating the same steps over and over and over. But how to know how many birthday cards  you need to make to last you until your next assemblage? 10? What about thank you cards? 15? It was a conundrum for sure. Until I set my cheese free. 

The answer was bears. Make all the cards with bears on them. Then on the inside you can make it say whatever you want: Thank you Beary much, Have a Beary Happy Bearday, I can't Bear to be apart from you--the cutesiness knows no end. And if you're feeling especially corny like I was when I made the card pictured here: We can Bearly wait for baby's arrival! 


And if you're going to be a cornball, be a great big, cheese-coated one and decorate the envelope to match. It's Beariffic!

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