Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I do my little turn on the catwalk


Amaya’s been practicing for her future modeling days. She styled the outfit all by herself cleverly pulling together items as diverse as her brother’s prized floppy hat and her Mama’s headband.


005                                                                                                         You can see that she’s been practicing her strut with special emphasis being placed on making eye contact with the bigwigs in the front row. I think she’s ready for Barbizon, don’t you?


She coyly checks her reflection in the oven doors. Not a hair out of place. No way she’s disco dancing. Nope, but what she will do is shrug her shoulders. That’s her signature move—she pulls them up really high until her neck is buried. Then she keeps them there for so long you begin to feel slightly unnerved because it just can’t be a comfortable position for one’s clavicle. Then she looks you in the eye, giggles and runs making sure to shake her little tush all the way. I think I hear Milan calling.


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