Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mellon Scissorhands

Kim over at Mama Tried It had this really cool idea to host a blog hop where women bloggers share tips and tricks that they've picked up over the years with the thought that other ladies might find that information useful. Kind of like a Show and Share for grown ups. Neat, huh?

Well, you all know how well I handle my child's show and share, so of course I wanted to try to redeem myself with this one. Given that it's now 6:45pm on the day of the hop, I certainly haven't earned any points in the on-the-ball category. My kids were very needy today, so in between their demands that I work puzzles, find lost toys, and go on a bear hunt, I thought about what I might have to offer in the tip department.

This is what I came up with:

No, I'm not going to tell you how to make it because all that would involve is giving you the phone number to my local pizza joint. I'm going to tell you a quick way to cut it into manageable toddler-sized pieces. After having spent many dinners with a knife and fork smearing cheese and sauce all over the place to prepare the food for tiny fingers, I at last had a brain blast that would make Jimmy Neutron proud. Perhaps you already know this tip, but since I've had a number of parents thank me profusely for the idea when they've seen it in action, I thought there might be a chance that it could help some of you as well.

Using kitchen shears, cut several slits up the pizza that are parallel to the crust. Go as far to the edge of the pizza as you can without it falling apart on you.

It should look like this when you're done.
Now, cut lines perpendicular to your slits. As you cut, pieces will fall off, so do this over a plate.
And in 15 seconds flat, you get this:

If you have tips to share, head on over to Mama Tried It to find out how to join the hop.


  1. This is a great idea! I have never thought of using scissors, but I think I will try it next time. Maybe, I'll be able to sit down and eat my pizza while it's still hot. :)

  2. That is cool. I use a pizza cutter for everything, including pizza. I wouldn't have thought of scissors. That is just pure genius! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up with Try and Tell.

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    That's actually exactly how I do it - I use my kitchenscissors for everything food related.
    Thanks for sharing and taking pics - very nice of you.

  4. After years of trying to cut fat off bacon with a knife (not easy) I started using scissors.. works like a charm. Will definitely try the pizza thing next time