Friday, February 05, 2010

I might not live to post again.

I came across an envelope full of pictures of the Drew that Gran had given us awhile ago. Why not post a few of those pictures here for you to see and giggle over?  I mean I haven’t made fun of my husband on the internet for quite some time, so how can I be asked to resist such good material? Of course, if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days you might want to check in on me, just to make sure Drew hasn’t locked me in the basement or fed me to the poopis. The man can be so touchy about public humiliation.



All I see when I look at the first picture is Chase. Crazy, right? It isn’t enough that Amaya is the spitting image of her father, but now I have to see my son there too? Not fair.

CCI02052010_00000 (2)Holy eyebrows! 



CCF02052010_00000I think this one was probably taken in middle school or early high school—a time in a young man’s life that is supposed to be awkward, but look at that perfect skin. Again, not fair. I do hope my children got his skin. They’d better not get that hair though.Oh my. 




I think Gran may have gotten her

envelopes mixed up on this one.


                                                I think I found Waldo.

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