Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On the days that Chase goes to school, he gets to have 30 minutes of Spanish class. He loves Spanish class. So much so that we pick him up about 45 minutes later than we used to so that he doesn't miss it. He also loves how when his class walks through the hallway to get to Spanish, he gets to grab on to the back of the shirt of the person standing in front him. I guess this is a measure the teachers use to makes sure that no one gets lost, but since all of the doors at school are locked and monitored, it's probably a bit of an overkill. Anyway, Chase has taken to grabbing on to our shirts here at home and telling us that it's time to go to Spanish. So, tonight when he grabbed Andy's shirt, we had this conversation.

Chase: We're going to Spanish now.

Mama: You like Spanish, huh?

Chase: Yea!

Mama: Do you know how to say Hello in Spanish?

Chase: Yea!

Mama: How?

Chase: Like this. "Hello, Spanish!"

I think those classes are really starting to payoff.

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