Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dawning of the Chasefields & McAmayas Feud

Long ago, the Chasefields & McAmayas were the best of friends. They would spend many long hours lazing in the shade enjoying the pleasure of the other's company. Sadly, this blissful coexistence met it's demise one beautiful June day when the families' friendship was forever torn apart. Not for money or love. Oh no, this war was fought over a package of Cars fruit snacks.

It all began when the young McAmaya decided she needed to have the yummy sugar gummy snack. So she swiped it from little Chasefield before he knew what was happening.

Being bigger, stronger and faster, the enraged Chasefield quickly retrieved his treasure from the claws of his new nemesis.

She, of course, was outraged. The once tight bond the pair had shared was broken beyond repair.

Chasefield may have won this battle,

but judging by the determination on McAmaya's face, my money's on her taking the war.


  1. Yvonne12:58 PM

    Awww...not only are they adorable but entertaining as well! (I'm sure you don't find their quarrels to be entertaining.) :o)

  2. Mandy9:05 AM


    And, so, it begins.

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    This sounds way tooo familiar - be prepared for more such battles! Although poor Chase, he's not going to be aloud to hit 'girls'... I bet.