Monday, June 15, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go--preferbly without an extra 30 pounds to lug along.

Sunday's weather was just beautiful, so we decided to head down to the riverfront park after lunch. During the walk, we had to play a constant game of Distract Chase From Thinking He Needs To Be Carried. It goes something like this:

Chase: Daddy carry you me. (he still doesn't understand that it is "Please carry me.")

Daddy: Chase, let's find the bridge do you see it?

Chase pointing to the bridge: There it is. Carry you me.

Daddy: Let's race to the bridge.

Chase: I can't want to race. Carry you me. Yes please.

Mama: Look Chase a baby toad. He's tiny.

Chase: Oohhh. Hop hop. Ribbit ribbit. Carry you me.

Daddy: Do you have your map Chase?

Chase: No, it's gone. Carry you me.

And on and on and on it went all the way to the river. When we got there, he was happy to use his own two feet to stomp in all of the mud. He was having so much fun that he threw a fit when it was time to leave.

Once we were on the trail headed back to civilization-our comedy of diversions commenced once more.

Chase: Mama, I want to carry you me.

Mama: Let's skip. Do you know how to skip Chase?

Chase trying to skip and laughing: I'm having fun. Carry you me now.

Sure kid, sure.


  1. Yvonne1:22 PM

    How cute, "carry you me". And boy, Amaya looks like a big girl next to Chase! Your little ones are growing up so fast!

  2. Sometimes, he even says, "I want to carry you." Then, he doesn't understand when we try to jump in his arms. Pronouns are quite difficult for the under 4 ft set. :-)

  3. Anonymous7:45 PM

    My grandkids are exceptionally cute aren"t they? I even like the little grubby knees on Miss Amaya. The distractions are very inventive as well. Love G-Ma