Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're on the mend

Chase has been quite ill the last few days. I've never seen the kid so lethargic--even when he had those endless ear aches, the strep, the vomiting from food allergies, or the surgery recovery from the tubes. Seriously, all he did on Tuesday and Wednesday was lay on the couch with his blanket, take 3-4 hour long naps, and put himself to bed at 6pm. He didn't eat or play at all those two days. What possible disease could have caused such listlessness you may be wondering. The common cold apparently. I didn't believe the doctor, so I made her run a strep test anyway--but it was negative. So, I guess she was right. Blows my mind that a simple cold could knock him on his bahootie like that, but I guess it did.

Today, he's feeling better. I heard him banging around in his room this morning, so that was a good sign. I sent him to school, and haven't gotten a phone call yet, so I assume that he's doing well. Anyway,the picture above is of him playing at the discovery museum where Nate's birthday party was held last weekend. There were also cute pictures taken of Chase, Nate and Amaya, but I can't include them because someone whose name rhymes with Cavid hasn't sent me those pictures nor the ones from Thanksgiving. I'll be sending the lynching mob to his house any day now.

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  1. Glad he's feeling better. The "I heard him banging around in his room this morning, so that must be a good sign" made me chuckle.
    Can't wait to see the pics, once _avid gets them to you, via the lynchmob.