Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shel Hanukkah

I am pretty sure that Chase is still fighting his cold germs. The evidence that supports this theory is as follows:

A) He has a major snot river flowing his nasal cavity
B) He still coughs and hacks throughout the day
C) He actually slept for the past four days worth of naps

Today he slept so long that we had to wake him up to light the menorah. He was pretty cranky, but he quickly perked up when daddy helped him put his new Thomas track together. Although the grumpiness did return for a brief visit when he noticed a picture of Diesel on the box, but no Diesel could be found inside the box. He wasn't completely consoled by the possibility or receiving that particular train on another night of Hanukkah, but it did distract him enough to cease the whining. Anyway, cross your fingers that Diesel is in fact one of the 8 trains Drew bought for him this year. In the meantime, please feel free to join me in my campaign of sternly written letters to the toy company for teasing children about the actual contents of the box.

Amaya is still under the weather. She has lost her voice so when she tries to cry, it just breaks your heart. She is very stuffy and wheezes when she breathes. She tried to be a trooper and be jolly for her Hanukkah present, but she quickly returned to sleep soon after we got the snail out of the box. I think Drew is going to take her to the doctor tomorrow if she is still not well since when I took Chase last week the doctor mentioned that there have been a few cases of pneumonia this year. Better safe than sorry and all that jazz.

Is it time for the Hanukkah donuts yet??

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