Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hospital baby

Amaya is doing better today. While she is awake, her oxygen levels are around 96/97 which is good, but she still needs the tent when she's asleep because he levels drop to the low nineties. We'll be here at least through the rest of today and possibly tonight as well. She is such a happy baby though. Everyone always comments on how beautiful her eyes, smile and name are. I'm sure they say that to everyone, but that doesn't make it any less true, now does it? Little bug never fusses for the nurses or even puts up too many complaints about being trapped in this room all day. Of course the room that we are in is very nice--it's in a brand new wing of the hospital and has two tvs, a futon, two footstools, three chairs, a desk and a dvd/playstation 3 setup. They even brought me breakfast. If it weren't for all of the beeping and the wires attached to Amaya, I might think I was in a swank hotel or something. Now if only someone would show me to the pool...

Here's the little monkey kicking up a storm last night. Apparently the steroids and nebulizer treatments can make a baby hyper.


  1. Yvonne1:02 PM

    You're right, she is rather cute in her hospital clothes. :-) And what an adorable pic of her in 'superhyper baby kicking mode'.

  2. Mandy1:45 PM

    I'm so glad that it's not pure torture for her--I'm sure you're even more glad than I. She is a cutie! Hope you all can go home soon.

  3. Samantha2:04 PM

    We'll keep her in our prayers.

  4. Shelly7:34 PM

    What's wrong with Amaya??