Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tree Trimming

Today was a very festive day for the little guy. First we went to see Santa, and then we decorated the Christmas tree. Well, we started decorating the tree, but we couldn't finish it because I can not find the box that has the rest of the ornaments and the tree skirt in it. I was pregnant at the time I packed the box last year, so who can know what I did with it. I'll continue the search for it tomorrow.

Here's Chase doing his happy Christmas tree dance after he was done hanging his ornaments. He danced all around the room for at least ten minutes singing some kind of song that I couldn't name or even decipher the lyrics of.

Chase said this was a sad Santa. He is kinda, isn't he?

In some not so sad news, Chase successfully used the potty the other night. All mama wants for Christmas is one less set of diapers hanging around the house.


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Congradulations Chase, good job! I see you put the tree in the living room. Nice! love Grandma

  2. Mandy8:58 AM

    Sounds like such a good, Christmas-y day. Makes me in even more of a Christmas spirit. It looks like Chase was really "into" helping with the tree. Good luck finding the box with the remaining decorations and tree skirt. :o)
    HOORAY for the potty!! Go Chase!!!
    Does he do a happy dance after pottying? (By the way, I just noticed Iverson's back in the picture of the tree happy dance--I guess even the dog was in on it).
    That Santa does look sad. Leave it to a child to point that out.