Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where's Mommy's Sanity?

For Chase's first birthday, the Cord Blood Registry sent him a book called "Where is Baby's Belly Button?". It's a bright, colorful book that has little lift up flaps to find various baby body parts--you know eyes, toes, bunions. For example, one page says, "Where's baby's mouth?" and when you lift up the flap it says "Behind his cup". Cute, no?

When we got the book, I thought that it was a really nice thing for the CBR to do and was thrilled to read it the little man. Now, however, I have to admit that I have contemplated wrapping the blasted thing up and sending it back to their laboratory so that they can store it in their cryogenic freezers to be thawed only in the year 2050. Why the hostility you ask?? Because my dear son, shoves this book in my face 30 times a day expecting me to read it to him--which might not be that bad, but I can't just read it through once. Oh no. I have to read it at least 3, but up to 10 times through before he moves on to something else. And don't even think about trying to ignore the little chap when he brings the book to you. He'll just start beating you with it until you pick it up and look at it with him.

I'm including a picture of Chase walking (Yea!), eating his lunch, and a picture of that lunch. I think if I would let him, Noodle would be a strict carnivore. He loves meat--today's lunch was chipped ham, cheese, juice, macaroni, and banana. That list is in order of his preference, with the banana or any other fruit being next to strychnine on the scale of things he'd readily choose to eat. This of course could explain his current bathroom woes...


  1. Grandma8:47 PM

    Laura, how many times did i read Cinderella to you? Enough so you could recite it by heart.

  2. That book sounds very cute. I completely feel your pain on the issue of having to read it, say, 45 times a day. hahahahaha. The joys of parenting.
    What a nice lunch you prepare for your man. :o) I hope the bathroom woes work their way out...........hee