Monday, August 06, 2007

Please buckle your safety belts and keep your hands and arms inside the plane at all times.

Chase is a stuffer.He lives to take objects from their rightful home and cram them into new and unusual crevices. For example, he likes to relocate all of his sippy cups into various drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Also, he enjoys transferring his toys from their bins and baskets into a myriad of locations that include closets, bathrooms and pantries. He also has become quite adept at taking the dirty laundry from it's sorted home and placing it with the clean clothes in the dryer. And then there is the squishing of his sleepy blanket between the rails of his crib and onto the floor which of course leads to angry squeals when the lovely blankie refuses to magically fly back into the crib.

His latest joy has been in shoving every stuffed animal and blanket within reach into his plane. He crams them into the single seat so they are piled one and top of the other and then takes them for a ride by bouncing the plane and twirling the propeller. This particular instance was a little irritating for him though as his lovey and red puppy kept falling out of the bottom of the plane. He'd stop twisting the propeller, pick them up, plop them back into the seat and then return to rocking the plane--which of course made them fall out again. He repeated this process several times getting more and more frustrated and then gave up and moved on to bigger and better things--like hiding under his blankie.

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  1. Stuff away my boy! Too cute! And, how about the hiding under the blankie--very important indeed.