Monday, July 02, 2007

Abort search and rescue mission

Just checking in real quick to let you know that I haven't been buried alive by an avalanche of boxes. So, you can call off that Saint Bernard you were sending in to disentangle me from my cardboard prison.
The little monkey is slowly adjusting to the move. By adjusting, I mean that he's developed a new scream that he unleashes when Mama has the audacity to not grant him his every wish. There is nothing cute about this new bellow of his, so I won't say anything other than this: if you really love me, you'll send massive amounts of Excedrin my way.

We're headed to the lake tomorrow for a little 4th of July R&R. I'll leave you with this picture of Chase enjoying a Raspberry Beret Smoothie which is a fancy way of saying "sugar coated sugary goodness". The concoction was so tasty that he kept trying to grab the glass so that he could chug the stuff instead of messing with the slow delivery offered by the straw. I'd say he's well on his way to fitting in at WVU--Go Mountaineers!

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