Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The little noodle who could

We went to Tessa's birthday party on Saturday. There were over 60 guests, and when I saw that the play area was crowded with strange kids and adults, I was worried that Chase would be a little apprehensive about all of the commotion. Couldn't have been more wrong. He just pushed himself right into the center of the action and began playing as if it were his party, not Tessa's.

There was a little boy there who was being a bit of a bully by not letting the younger kids play on a toy. When our friend Joshua was bearing the brunt of the tyrant's anger, Chase rushed to the toy, crawled over Joshua, and faced the threat head on. It was if he was saying, "Listen man, I know you're having a bad day and all, but you just need to chill. Now, let my buddy Joshua on this here contraption, or else you and I are going to have a little problem, see?" I always knew my son was a super hero in disguise.

Later, Mr. Joshua fell and bumped his head and started crying. Once again, Chase raced to the scene. I thought, "Wow look at my little man, going to comfort his friend in his time of distress." Well, once again I couldn't have been more wrong. Chase had merely discovered a weakened enemy whose trinkets were there for the taking, so being the opportunistic little chap he is, he quickly swiped away the blocks that Joshua was holding. I can only assume that this action was done as a ploy to cover up his membership in the Justice League.

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  1. Mandy7:45 PM

    I, seriously, laughed out loud with the stories about Joshua. Hahahahahahahaha. Looks like a pretty fun party.