Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Chase in a plane!

Chase has been finding ways to entertain himself while I pack. Here is a brief list of his most recent diversions: tearing up toilet paper into eensy teensy little scraps that he leaves lying on the floor, emptying cabinets and drawers, pulling Iverson's hair, and attempting to eat any treasure he happens to find lying on the floor including, but not limited to, dryer lint. Accordingly, his new favorite word is "Uh-Oh".


  1. Grandma2:52 PM

    Chase sure looks like an ace to me. Love the part about the dryer lint and his new word. Laura you emptied the clothes from your dresser on a daily basis, it's cute yes??

  2. Well I'm not sure I'd call it cute...especially not while I am trying to clean the house for showing. He does have moments of cuteness though. :-)

  3. Chase in a plane is much more appealing than Snakes On a Plane. heheheheeh.
    I have found dryer lint to be a most pleasant delicacy. Cute.
    I "love" Aunt Suzie's comment about you pulling the clothes from the dresser. Good times, good times!