Thursday, January 25, 2007

You mean I didn't win? How can it be??

So, I didn't win PowerBall last night. Have to admit I'm a little bummed. Sure the chances are 1 in 98 gazillion, but I'm just that special damnit.

In other news, Chase has been a holy terror the last three days. Andy was in Vegas from Saturday-Tuesday under the guise of attending a business conference, so rather than stay at home all alone with Chase, I headed to WV. (read: so my parents would take care of Chase and I would watch while eating bonbons)Noodle was a dream baby all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All happy and smiling and talking. Barely cried at all. Took naps even. Angel in the making.

Then on Tuesday the dream ended and the nightmare began. He was awake from Cumberland all the way home. That's two hours of constant fear that he's going to let loose one of those high pitched shrills of death he's mastered. Remember, I'm all alone in the car with him, so if he does that, I've got no one to help me out. He did cry a bit, but luckily I avoided the glass shattering kind of crying which is good considering that we were surrounded by glass in the car. I thought once we were home, and he could move around, all would be good. HA! The kid would not stop screaming, would not take a nap, would not smile--nadda. I figured he was just tired from the trip and Wednesday would be better. Not so much. More constant fussing. More today too. Not interested in naps, and if I try to walk away he screams like someone is piercing him with a hot poker. I don't know if it's teething, a cold, or he just has to even out the good with the bad...3 exceptionally good days = 3 horrifically bad days kind of thing. Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Here's a funny...on the way to my parent's house on Saturday, I had to stop at Sideling Hill to use the restroom. Now this was a mean twist of fate b/c when we go to Kingwood and Andy is driving, I never have to stop for a potty break. But get me alone with a baby, and by golly I have to pee like no one's business. Ever tried to pee in a public restroom holding a baby?? Fun stuff. That's not even the funny part. You see, it was very windy up on that hill. And I had been trying to look like one of those mothers who has it together enough to be somewhat fashionable, so I had a scarf tied around my head. Well, that scarf is now blowing around I68 somewhere east of Cumberland I imagine. That's what I get for trying to look presentable.

Oh and here's something kind of strange. I was talking on the phone with my high school friend Amy yesterday. She mentions in passing that she had come across a picture of us at X-fest, and that our friend Tina was in it too. Here's a semi accurate convo recap:

A: What ever happened to Tina?
L: Not sure. I haven't talked with her since Andy's senior year at WVU. I know she got married. She lives in Seattle I believe.
A: Married? Huh
L: Yea, some guy she met at Disney when she did that internship thingy.
A: I liked Tina.
L: Yea, I should really get around to looking her up and dropping her a line. Hey remember that guy at X-fest who said Zima makes you IM-PEE-TENT??
A: What a tool...

Anyway, guess what was in my inbox this morning...the very day after this conversation?? An invite to be Tina's friend on MySpace and a message from her. How weird is that? She must have ESP, or be Pyschic--or maybe she has my phone tapped. Maybe she has my whole house bugged. Tina?? Can you hear me?? If so, send chocolate. Over.

Alrighty, that's all I have to say right now. I know this was just one long ramble, but you have to remember that I am working on a 72 hour hangover that didn't involve any alcohol...someone pass the Excedrin. If you have read this far, I will reward your dedication with a picture of Chase getting a bath in Grandma's sink.

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