Sunday, January 07, 2007

Round 2 goes to...

Mellon!! I'm improving my ability to maneuver in photoshop. This lovely creation only took 30 minutes. I am still just working with the most basic applications of the program. Keeping things simple is what helped me to stay away from the cookies this go round. (york peppermint patties are another story) I am almost ready to actually purchase a digital kit soon instead of recycling the free one I have been using for the hundredth time. (ok, third)
You'd like to see me use some different colors and patterns right? So really, I'd be purchasing the kit for YOU not ME. Yes that's it, that's the story.


  1. Mandy9:49 PM

    Congrats, Ms. Balboa. ha. Use me for any old excuse you want. I, of course, want to see other colors and such, so, thus, the necessity of the digital kit purchase has been established. ;o) Oh, and by the way, I really think that dress was/is cute on you. Mom agrees too (I was showing her some myspace today).

  2. Shelly11:06 AM

    Love the layouts. Waiting for you to learn the ropes so you can teach me...just like you taught me the regular scrapbooking way-- you know-- back in the days of scissors and glue...and tiny little hammers.