Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random flashback

Remember Square One on PBS??We were just watching Family Guy which mentioned the Electric Company which made me remember Square One. That was a really long, rather pointless sentence wasn't it? Anyway, I remember my fifth grade math teacher Ms. Rosier would let us watch it in Math class. I loved Mathnet which was a spoof of Dragnet--actually the whole show was one giant parody. You can read more about it at wikipedia. Here's the link
Gotta go try to slow down Drew's inhalation of the chex mix now...


  1. Mandy1:27 PM

    Hahahaha. Barely. But, yes, your post set off some bells. Tell me, do you remember the one called "Tomes and Talismans?" It was about the future, and this mobile library and they were always doing research and stuff to learn how to glean what they could from the tomes and talismans that remained???

  2. Mandy1:28 PM

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  4. Here's an entry on my blog about Tomes and Talismans!

  5. Anonymous1:27 AM

    you can watch tomes & talismans on youtube. i've been doing it lately & it's soooooo surreal.....