Monday, January 15, 2007

Future Hero (Hiro)?

At six months, Chase is 16lbs 140z and 26.5inches tall. He's rolling over like a champ, loves to eat his fruits and veggies and is a Mr. Grabby Mcgrabbyhands--if it isn't nailed to the table, he'll have it in his mouth in 3.5 seconds. The other day at Target, he grabbed a toy off the shelf, and since I was sure he meant to grab that particular toy, I let him keep it. (the spoiling continues)
His latest lyrical achievement is the squeal of glee...differing from the baby pterodactyl as it lacks that certain birdlike squawk we've come to know and love. However, being Chase, he can't make this new noise without at least a little twist. He squeezes his eyes shut as if he must concentrate very hard on the creating just the right pitch. He looks like Hiro on Heroes when he's trying to time travel. It's really quite comical. He also loves to purse his lips together to blow raspberries. Basically he's like all boys...anything he can do to make noise he will. Here are a few pictures demonstrating his squealing technique.

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