Sunday, March 03, 2013

Day of Rest? Very funny God.

It is 9:55AM on a Sunday morning. I have been bleary-eyed and entertaining children since 6:00AM. I have answered questions, played games, gotten food, cleaned up food, given baths, dressed wiggling bodies, been used as a jungle gym, answered more questions while simultaneously trying to chew my own breakfast, refereed fights, and kissed injuries. I ponder the possibility of a few minutes of peace in the only room with a working lock: the bathroom.

9:55AM    All quiet. Ahhh.

9:56AM    It comes...that sound: Mama? Mama? Mama? MAMA? Maybe if I'm really quiet, she'll give up? Figure it out for herself? Ask her brother? I'll just sit here and wait. Stealth.

9:57AM    MAMA? MAMA? the voice is closer now. Right outside the door.  I don't think I can wait it out. I am going to have to answer: What is it child? I am trying to use the bathroom.

9:58AM:   Mama, how come on Halloween the power went out for a second? That was weird.

I don't know child, but if I could figure out a way to make your power go out for a minute, believe you me, I'd be flipping that switch. 

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