Friday, April 10, 2009

What is it about holidays and sick kids?

Aside from that one major illness at Hanukkah/Christmas, my offspring have been fairly healthy this year. Before you tell me to knock on wood, let me just tell you: it's too late. Amaya is sick. She started getting snotty and congested last Thursday. Perhaps you remember my post about it? Andy took her to the doctor Friday and was told it was just a cold. But, almost a full week later, the girl still didn't seem to be getting any better. In fact, she was becoming cranky and even more needy. I am not exaggerating even a little when I say that she shrieked until her face turned bright red and her eyes popped out if I tried to sit her down the floor right next to me instead of on my lap. Have you ever tried to balance a 20lb squiggling weight in the crook of your dominate arm while using your free, but drastically less adept hand to empty and then reload the dishwasher? Let's just say that it was not a fun time to be the mama.

Then yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat, and suddenly a bunch of bells and lights started going off in my head. I just knew that Amaya had gotten strep, and the pediatrician confirmed my diagnosis. A quick look at the calender shows that this illness comes right before Passover Seder and Easter Sunday. Do you think she planned it that way?

Since she was still contagious last night, Amaya and I had to miss the Easter egg hunt at Allie's house. This totally bummed me out, but what could I do? I had already possibly exposed the entire group with the sugar cookies I made for the kids to decorate, so it didn't really seem very nice of me to take the little infected infant over there to breathe on them all, too. So that meant that Chase and Daddy went without us, and from the looks of the pictures it would seem that they didn't even notice our absence. Bah Bunnybug.

Here is Chase showing zero concern over the fact that he may have just ingested a strep laced sugar cookie. I would like it known that I provided full disclosure of the possible contamination, so any sickness attributed to consumption of said cookies is in no way my fault. Any questions regarding this matter can be directed to my personal assistant. Good luck reaching her--I've heard it's difficult getting imaginary people on the line.

I, according to the CVS Minute Clinic, do not have strep. I do have a sore throat, occasional fever and swollen lymph nodes on top of the normal runny nose, itchy eyes, headache and cough of allergies. But none of this--not my aches, not my daughter's germ infested body, nothing short of a plague will keep me from eating my weight in Matzo Brittle tomorrow night. So Gran, I hope you've made plenty.

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