Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weather confusion, Birthdays, & Tutus

I've got a lot of pictures for you today. The one up above there? Yep, that's our Chase in a jacket, scarf and hat on an 80 degree day. He's reenacting his most favorite Imagination Movers episode. In that particular show, the air conditioner won't turn off in the warehouse, so the movers are really cold & have to put on lots of warm clothes. Noodle likes to pretend it's cold in his imaginary warehouse too, so he's constantly asking to put on more warm clothes. Doesn't matter if it's hot enough to melt the cheese right off of his grinning face: the kid still wants his warm clothes. But don't worry about him getting heat stroke or anything. It only takes about 10 minutes of crafty distraction techniques to get him out of his ensemble. Although the effort required for that particular mental and physical exertion is typically enough to give me hot flashes.

Next, we have pictures from Allie's birthday. First we played a little ball.

Then we bounced a bit.

Wouldn't be a party without a giant parachute, would it?

All that exercise made us very hungry.

Finally, we have a picture of Amaya . She's just tutu cute right? (Sorry couldn't help myself)

And here are my darlings attacking their Mama. This is my cue to put away the camera--the children have had enough of the paparazzi.

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