Saturday, April 18, 2009

She's hot and she's cold

Our little sugar bean has been keeping us on our toes at meal times. She gets very hyper upon first spying edible items and thus begins her feeding frenzy. She'll start kicking her feet and bouncing up and down in her chair with so much force that she looks like she's sitting in the last car of a roller coaster. Her excitement is so adorable that you can't help but smile and wonder how such a darling being came to exist.

But don't ponder the miracle too long. If you lose focus for even a second and fail to provide the little imp with a constant supply of food, her mood quickly changes. She shifts all of the energy that had been previously used for happy bouncing into fist clenching, face scrunching fury. There is no downtime between the two emotions either. As she is popping the last provided morsel of food into her mouth her eyes are scanning the table for its replacement. If she can't locate the much desired crumb, she'll begin her howling before she's even finished swallowing the food that is already in her mouth. Trying to adjust to her vacillation between ecstasy and rage makes your head spin. Perhaps we're on a roller coaster after all.

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