Monday, September 08, 2008

Sun is shining...I'm a rainbow too

We enjoyed a lovely couple of days at the lake this past weekend. Our moods took a slight dive on Saturday while we witnessed the beat down that ECU gave my beloved Mountaineers, but soon the calming lake water restored our good cheer. The last time we were there was right after my emergency room ordeal, so as one can imagine, I wasn't in the relaxing at the lake frame of mind at the time. It was thus part of my master plan to have this trip in early September to redeem myself a bit before the cold sets in.

This weekend reminded us how thrilled we our with our new house's lake frontage. We have our own private dock which lends itself to peaceful afternoons spent soaking one's feet while gazing off into the distance. The water at the new place is deeper than our old one so it provides for great swimming opportunities. Accordingly, I did at last get into the lake this year which was a miracle considering the weather was supposed to be rainy from remnants of tropical storm Hannah. Luckily, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

Chase enjoys throwing rock after rock into the lake from the pebbled shoreline. If he keeps up at this pace, we'll have to bring in a truckload of the stuff before next summer. Although, he can't take all of the blame, as I too, threw a few stones into the lake in the hopes that they'd skip for me.

Even Amaya got into vacation mode. She seems destined to be a lake baby just like her brother. Which is good because it's not like we're going to give her much choice in the matter.

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  1. Oh, I must know about/see the new place!!!! Did you sell the other?

    Looks great!!!!!