Thursday, September 11, 2008

And then there were six

Weeks that is. Didn't I just write about her being one month old? From the pictures, I am sure that you are able to tell that the little Gremlin is continuing to grow at an astounding rate. At her last doctor's visit, she was 9 pounds and some change and in the 75th percentile for height. I'm sure she's put on a few more ounces since then--she'd have to considering the amount of formula this child can knock back. Our next order of Enfamil will be in the 6 oz bottles since the little one is frequently needing a second 3 oz bottle in order to completely curb her appetite these days. All that extra formula means that she has been able to share more spit up episodes with us. (please see the lovely liquid bubble oozing from her mouth in the picture below)

Little lady is beginning to show signs of her own unique personality. She loves to have her cheeks kissed and will reward your efforts with a big, open mouthed smile. It could break your heart it's so cute. What isn't so cute is the sound of her screams when she thinks she isn't yet ready for a nap. Feisty, this one.

She is still a swaddle and pacifier girl. I highly recommend the Kiddopotamus wraps for those of us who are swaddlingly challenged. Bean stays in her nursery at night although she still sleeps in the bassinet. And she does sleep at night, just not all night. Most nights will find her up only briefly around 12 and 3 for feedings and changings, but she has also been known to scream from 3 until 6 if the mood strikes her as such. At least this is what Drew tells me as you know that my spoiled self is fast asleep at the time.

Despite keeping him awake during the night, the girl has her daddy tightly wrapped around her exceedingly long fingers. Just yesterday, Drew came home with Baby Juicy wear for the little princess. It's pretty sad when a six week old is more chic than her mother. Of course, he also brought me a new diaper bag, so I suppose I shouldn't be lodging my complaints quite so loudly.

Amaya being 6 weeks means that I have also reached the 6 weeks postpartum benchmark. This is a most magical number for a new mama. It's the point at which my body is supposed to be well on its way back to a state of normalcy. I am now able to safely do such dangerous things as taking a soak in a nice warm bath. Unfortunately it is also the time when I can once again engage in my exercise program. That's right folks, the party is over. Time to start sweating through my training again. Time to shape up the diet. Goodbye sloth and tasty treats. Hello pain and suffering--I haven't missed you a bit.

But wait, let's think about this for a minute. When I got pregnant with Amaya, I was 10 pounds above what I was with Chase. I gained 40 pounds with her and 50 with Chase, so my final weight was the same for both of them. Now, at 6 weeks pp, I am 10 pounds below what I was at the same point in my last child birth recovery arc. And, I'm even able to wear the jeans I wore last fall before the little legume was conceived. So, here's my theory. It would seem that my current diet plan of eating what I want when I want and getting little to no exercise is working just fine. Therefore, I don't really need to start training and eating healthy stuff right now, do I? I can spend another week or two or three reveling in my indulgent lifestyle of couches and bonbons, right?!? Are you with me?

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