Monday, March 03, 2008

Redeeming Qualities

Here's a list of a few qualities and quirks of which Young Master Chase is currently in possession. Please note that despite the title of today's post, not everything on the list can be considered "redeeming".

1. He is getting more vocal, but he isn't very forceful with his chosen words. For instance, if you ask him what a train says he'll say "choo choo" in this very soft voice. It's almost as if he's afraid of being wrong, so he waits to see if you agree with him before he says it any louder.

2. Some of Ace's (Chase's) favorite words are choo-choo, uck (duck), ruff (dog barking),
growln (crayon), us (bus), ish (fish), woo-woo for truck sirens, and bubBLES with a very pronounced accent on the second syllable.

3. His favorite things to eat are cheese and bread. One can usually persuade him to eat yogurt, waffles, and french fries, too. Little man is still not a fan of the veggies although we can sometimes sneak shredded carrots in by pretending they are grated cheese.

4. He loves to color with his growlns, read his ooks, and play with the choo-choos and ucks. He also loves putting puzzles together. Turning around and around with his arm in a perfect ballet 4th position is his most favorite form of exercise. We call it his circle dance. You can also count on him for a round of applause upon completion of any song you may sing--but The Wheels on the Bus is his favorite.

5. The little imp has been going through a bit of a defiant phase. He knows that he's only supposed to use his growlns on the paper, but lately he has been giving me an evil little smile as he colors the ottoman, table or floor instead of the paper. This of course means that I have to take the growlns away which leads us to the next item on our list...

6. Bugger's got quite a bit of a temper that he often unleashes in a little tornado of screams and body thrashings the likes of which I did not think was possible outside of the Looney Tunes Cartoon Medleys. This would be the reason for our recent purchase of not one, but two 720 capsule bottles of Tylenol at Costco this week.

7. But darn it, the boy sure is cute, isn't he?

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  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I'll agree he sure is cute. What is that playground thing he seems to be running towards? Give hima squeeze for me. Love Grandma