Monday, March 24, 2008

I have been forsaken

by my beloved pepperoni roll. Even though I have three of them in my possession from our Easter trip home to Kingwood, I will be unable to enjoy another bite of their greasy splendor. Why you ask? Because due to my current debilitated state (aka being with child), that spicy pepperoni yumminess isn't so yummy as it is heartburn inducing. So now I'm left to just stare at the rolls and dream of what could have been.

Even though I am obviously in danger of falling into a spiral of deep,dark depression; I will somehow gather the strength needed to post an Easter synopsis later today or tomorrow. Sainthood surely can not be far off.

1 comment:

  1. Samantha1:22 PM

    WOW! I'm just glad you aren't being the least bit dramatic, regarding the pepperoni rolls. You are such a trooper, must be where Chase gets it from. Between you not being able to eat pepperoni rolls and Chase not being able to eat nuts, hopefully chocolate will never make that list of forsaken foods.
    PS - Try freezing the pepperoni only have 4 months to go. :o)