Monday, March 24, 2008

Here comes Noodle Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail

Hippity, Hoppity
Easter was quite a day!

We had a most Excellent Easter Extravaganza at Grandma & Grandpa's this year. We arrived in the Wood on Friday around 4, and the fun didn't stop for Mr. Magoo until we left Sunday at 1. He played, he partied, he shared his circle dance with all who would take a minute to sing "Circle Dance, Circle Dance, Fall Down". Here's a day by day recap of our weekend for anyone bored enough to read it.

Friday: We arrived at G-ma and G-pa's house with Noodle in toe. He of course quickly went about making the living room look like a toy junk yard. The little gremlin was on hyper speed as he raced around the room shoving various novelties in the faces of his grandparents. It was quite amusing to be on the observing side of this only as Monkey wants nothing to do with me when my mom and dad are around. No complaints on that by the way.

That night for dinner we had another of my favorite hometown foods that I can't seem to locate here in Virginia: the wedgie. Mmmm. The wedgie is a most delicious treat made by Fox's Pizza Den that is basically a heart attack wrapped up in crispy pizza crust. What they do is take two crusts that are not doughy, but not too crusty either and fill them with various meats, cheeses and more mayonnaise than an entire family should healthfully consume in a week. They do throw in some token veggies so that you can at least pretend to be eating something that could possibly fit into a food group. My favorite is the ham & cheese while Drew tends to go for a steak version. Yum-O. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that the wedgie gave me heartburn too, but I feel it was probably the fault of the green peppers--stinkin veggies.

Saturday, Drew and I escaped to the lake for a few hours. We had an appointment to meet with a contractor to discuss the possibility of adding an addition to the lake house. We just wanted to get a rough idea about the process and time involved in such an undertaking. The builder we talked with actually built our house and used to live across the street. His family owned most of the surrounding land, and he told us lots of stories about all of the playing he did in the lake and the creek. It reminded me of when I was a lowercase mell and my cousins and I used to look for crayfish in the creek by their house. Such happy memories and that is one of the main reasons that I wanted that particular house: so that Chase could one day make similar memories of his own.

After the meeting, we had lunch at Santa Fe Grill (hello carrot cake) and then we headed back home to relieve my parents of Chase duty. The little rugrat had had quite the time rough housing with the grandparents and was in no hurry to be turned back over to his mom and dad. Again no complaints there.

We watched my Mountaineers overtake Duke in the NCAA tournament. Much celebration was had at their once again reaching the Sweet Sixteen. Then we colored eggs. Oh my did we color eggs. Chase most enjoyed dropping the egg in the cup and watching the dye splash everywhere. Silly child even thought he wanted to drink the water until he got a really good taste of the vinegar in it. So, he gave up on that idea and went back to splashing. He had so much color on his hands and arms that he looked like the Incredible Hulk after we were through. Good thing it was bath night.

After the egg dying it started to snow, so Grandpa and Daddy took the little guy out to play in it. Chase couldn't have been more thrilled, and threw quite the fit when he had to come in because he was all wet. But then we got to see a herd of 13 deer go by, so that made everything better.

Then Uncle Rob came home. "Yippee a new toy to play on," is what Monkey must have thought as he proceeded to crawl all over his giant uncle. Rob was a bit hung over I believe, but he took the assault well. Chase followed him around for the next hour or so, and every once in a while I'd see him looking up at his uncle with a puzzled expression on his little Noodle face. I'm sure he was wondering how someone so tall ended up in a family of shorties and if he himself would grow to be as big.

We made Chase's nest for the Easter Bunny, and then at last it was time for bed. I was wondering if the EB would know to find us at Grandma and Grandpa's but the long-eared chap with big feet had no trouble delivering Chase's spoils to Kingwood.

After exploring and opening all of the bounty, Chase settled in on his two favorites: the 24 match box cars that his dad told the bunny to get and the Little Einsteins rocket that Grandma and Grandpa added to the stash. Those two items kept him pretty occupied the rest of the morning.
We ate yummy ham, potato salad, green beans, corn, rolls and cheese cake around noon. We sat around pleased at our overindulgence for a bit and then it was time to waddle ourselves to the car for the uneventful journey home.

And that my friends was the Mellon Family's Excellent Easter Extravaganza.

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