Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For those who haven't yet had the pleasure,

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Bean, Baby Bean.

The little legume is 14 weeks and 3 days old. Those first few weeks with the little guy (or girl) were pretty rough, but things have settled down a bit. I have the usual medley of pregnancy symptoms that I could talk about in excruciating detail if you'd like--just let me know.

One thing I will tell you about is my raging appetite. Within the last couple of weeks, my desire for food and drink has grown to mammoth proportions. And when I get that hungry feeling it's never an "Oh, I could eat something now" feeling. No, it's a "Feed me now or I will chew your head off" kinda hungry. Don't you just envy those that get to live with me?

Let's do a little case study, shall we? This is what I ate yesterday:

7:15 Rice Krispies and a NutraGrain Strawberry bar
8:00 Orange Izzi and a handful of Noodle's cereal
9:00 17 oz water
10:00 V8 and one pink starburst
11:30 Chicken (cold cut, not breast) sandwich and strawberries. Caff free diet dr. pepper mmm
11:50 2 Laura's Wholesome Junk Food bites
12:15 Various handfuls of chips, pretzels, almonds
12:30 3 little bricks from a giant Hershey bar and 2 graham crackers
1:00 Tuna & Eggsalad sandwich, more cf diet dr. pepper
2:00 17 oz water-handful of skittles
3:00 17 oz water
5:30 Outback...mmmm....bread, salad, 1/3 steak, most of my veggies
7:00 ANOTHER tuna/egg salad sandwich--for those keeping track that's 3 sandwiches today
7:15 glass of 2% milk
9:00 9 oz water
10:00 Rice Krispies

See, I wasn't exaggerating was I? I also think I've met my tuna limits for the week, bummer cause I'm so craving the tuna salad. Anyway, I've read that this month is the month that the little one grows more than he ever will, so I'm going to blame my food inhalation on that. I'll think of a new excuse for next month.

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  1. "The little legume" Hahahahahahaha. Love it. I was wondering if the news was universal. Yes, growing babies need lots of food, glorious, food. Are you guys gonna find out what you're having here in about a month?