Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Republican? Democrat? Eh Demopublican?

Here are the results of a little quiz I stole from Ms. Mander's journal. The quiz matched my views on key issues with the presidential candidates' views. It's difficult for me because I think that the liberals are right about things like civil liberties, gay marriage and health care, but I disagree with their ideas about banning fire arms and government spending. Hmmm. I guess I should really be an independent since my views don't match any party really well. That's me, Independent Mellon. But actually, I think I'll stay a registered Republican so I can use my ballot to vote against any of the crazy, right wing, equal rights denying, Bible thumping, fire and brimstone candidates that can often thrive in this party. When in doubt, vote for the one that you believe will cause the least amount of damage--that's my motto.

65% Bill Richardson
58% Tom Tancredo
57% Hillary Clinton
56% John McCain
56% Barack Obama
56% Chris Dodd
56% Mitt Romney
56% John Edwards
53% Mike Huckabee
53% Fred Thompson
49% Mike Gravel
48% Rudy Giuliani
48% Ron Paul
46% Joe Biden
44% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

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