Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let's Talk Pepperoni Rolls

Or rather, let's just let Laura whine a little bit about how no one in Northern Virginia knows what I'm talking about when I say I want a pepperoni roll. No, it's not a calzone. It's a pepperoni roll. There is a huge difference. For starters, a pepperoni roll is made from bread dough not pizza dough. Also, there is no cheese or sauce in a pepperoni roll--it's just the pepperoni, the bread and the grease--god bless the grease.

Now in my hometown, you can buy these heavenly concoctions at the local Foodland, Dairy Mart, or even get them in your high school cafeteria, but please keep in mind that there are degrees of tastiness associated with each pepperoni roll's origin. Oddly enough, the ones from the school cafeteria are the tastiest due to the meat to bread ratio that results in terrifically greasy bread. Dairy Mart's are a little skimpy with the pepperoni and try to make up for it by adding sub par cheese into the mix. As previously mentioned, there is no cheese in a pepperoni roll, but a DM roll will do in a pinch.

So anyway, why am I rambling on about this topic? Well because I'm going through withdraw. We went to the lake last weekend to see my parents because we miss them and because I needed them to bring me a 6 pack of the mouthwatering goodness from their Foodland, and now I've eaten them all and I want more. In truth they were gone Monday morning. It's a sickness I tell you. So while I dream of eating more of that artery clogging divineness, you can look at these pictures of Chase from tumbling and the lake. I'd have more pictures but the battery died in my camera which is a reoccurring theme that deserves its own ranting post.'s Drew's birthday, so if you see him give him a few birthday swats.


  1. Teresa6:52 PM

    OH, I LOVE pepperoni rolls. I've only found them in a grocery store in Lynchburg. My mom sometimes brings one up to me when they come visit. Pepperoni rolls are absolutely delicious!

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Happy birthday Drew, did you get the card yet? Chase and Grandpa look quite cozy with thier book. I guess you will have to wait till next time we have a visit for your pepperoni roll fix or make them yourself.

  3. Samantha7:58 AM

    Chris is right there with you, regarding the pepperoni rolls - too funny!! I have a bunch of pictures of you two at tumbling, I just keep forgetting to send them to you. - REMIND ME!!
    Happy Birthday, Andy!!