Sunday, September 09, 2007

Turtles, Tunes and Treasures

As promised, here is the tale of our Nature Buddies experience. The program was done through our county parks and recreation office. Our guide was enthusiastic though ill prepared for dealing with a room full of 1-2 year olds. She was trying to share with them facts about turtle habitats and turtle diets while they were more interested in running amuck around the room. Chase was mildly entertained by the puppet she produced, but not enough to let go of the foam toy he'd snagged.
After our circle time, we headed outside to see a real box turtle. The kidlets had a little trouble with the "Don't touch" rule set forth, but the mommies were able to keep little fingers under control.
The next nature buddies presentation will be in October and will cover squirrels. We're wondering if she'll bring a live one out for us to watch. I promise not to let Chase touch it. He might try to step on it though...

After the viewing of the tortoise, we headed out for our nature walk. The little gremlin was not at all interested in practicing his toddle. I kept trying and trying to put him down to have him walk along with us, but all he did was sit and pull up the grass. So this is what I did 20 times during our 20 minute walk...
Later that day, we headed to our play group. Chase discovered the piano in Tessa's living room. He kept sneaking in there to play his concerto for us. Sam has offered to provide him with daily piano lessons, haven't you Sam? He is surely a future concert pianist in the making.
In case you were wondering, monkey's love of cabinet and drawer reorganization extends to kitchens belonging to others as well as his own. Let me know if you'd like to schedule an appointment.
This is my living room. I painted the walls a color from Benjamin Moore called Peacock Feathers and put beachy things in it so that I can go sit in there and pretend that I am on a Caribbean vacation instead of hiding from my child in the middle of suburbia. Anyway, I bet you didn't know that I was a trendsetter did you? Well according to the Home section of Thursday's Washington Post, I am because they chose Peacock Feathers as one of their trendy colors to watch. I am available for color consultations--there is a small fee involved of course.

And finally we have the treasures I acquired from yard sale hopping with my mommy friends. The truck shelf was $10 and the ducky bank was $1. I think these finds were worth having to get my lazy butt out of bed so early on Saturday morning. The shelf will go in the noodle's room and the duck is for me. Obviously.

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