Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mother Nature is such a tease

So...the last three days have been lovely. Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. Time to break out the sun dresses and capris right?? Wrong. The universe has decided that after three straight days of >60 degree weather, we shall now have a sudden drop in temperature and a winter storm warning. Fan-freakin-tastic.
In other news...this has been a very busy week for Mr. Chase. He's gotten his second tooth, has progressed to being a master crawler, he can raise himself up to a kneeling position which he finds handy for digging through his toy basket, and he took five steps today with mommy holding his hands. Everyday is a new adventure with this one. In honor of the speed of change, I present to you a baker's dozen list of things that I enjoy about Chase.
1. The way he laughs uncontrollably at his father's antics
2. The faces he makes when he takes a bite of something he doesn't like
3. How he buries his face in my shoulder when he's shy around strangers
4. How cute he looks from behind in his overalls
5. Babbling duels
6. His helping mommy read the stories by turning the pages
7. The fascination he has for water bottles
8. The evil little smile he gets when he's caught playing with the TV receiver
9. How he talks incessantly and tries to grab the phone when I am talking on it
10. The way he lounges in the stroller with his feet up on bar like he's mister coolness
11. His smile when I give him his blankie for naptime
(even though it's often followed by screams)
12. The way he flails his arms all around when he's excited
13. When he grabs my face and gives me kisses

See, told you he looked cute in his overalls.

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  1. Mandy8:34 AM

    I agree with the title of this post--Mother Nature is a huge tease. That list of things you love about Chase is priceless. So very sweet.....makes me smile. I think his overalls are cute from behind as well.