Saturday, December 23, 2006

Today's rant brought to you by the letter K--as in Mart

The holidays are here, and in an effort to not be a Grinch, I decided to finally put out the cute winter towels that I bought way back in November. They are blue with snowflakes on them--perfect for both our holidays and can even move into January should I get lazy and not change them out for the normal powder room towels. The set contained one big towel and two fingertip towels. So, there I am Falalaing along feeling all proud of myself for my togetherness when I encounter a snafu. A plastic clothing tag is binding my towels together. No worries, I'll have that thing out of there in no time...but wait there's another one. And another. And another. My falalaing has by now turned into #*&^!#ing. There were seven (7!) plastic clothing tags in three towels. Why oh why does Kmart insist on playing such practical jokes on the holiday challenged? Was this Martha's doing?? I need answers!

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  1. Mandy9:06 PM

    Too freakin funny. I hate stuff like that. And, you have to be an engineer to remove toys from their boxes. Damn!