Thursday, December 21, 2006

Different year, same MO

I have recently drug myself out from the hole in which I've been living and gotten into the MySpace craze. It's really the coolest thing ever for Nosy Nellies like myself. I've been spending countless hours searching for people I might know, and guess who I found. Ms. Keli of the Mouse. She of course was not a hole dweller like myself and already had her page pimped out with tons of friends and cool things for me to snoop through. She also had this picture on there. Me, Keli and Christy playing in the dirt. The other two look relatively clean, but you can see that I am dirty from head to toe. Kind of like today--except instead of dirt, I'm covered with flour, sugar and a little egg for good measure. I try to be neat, I really do. It's just not meant to be.
Keli says I look skeptical in this picture. Me? A skeptic? Now that's just crazy talk!

1 comment:

  1. Mandy1:41 PM

    Awesome pic! Now, I'm gonna have to go be nosy and find Keli's page. Hahahaha