Monday, December 18, 2006

Did somebody say presents?

Chase has already gotten quite a bit of loot this holiday season. We had Hanukkah at Nana and PopPop's yesterday, and Chase came away with 2 bags full of presents! Here are some pictures from the first night of Hanukkah at our house and the family celebration yesterday. Some of the highlights: TMX Elmo from Nana and PopPop--he stares at this; a stacking toy from Gran; a really cool radio from MomMom and PopPop; a hand knitted sweater from Jenn; a soft blanket from Uncle Adam; a wiggling elephant from Nathan; and The First Bank of Piggy from Aunt Danielle and Uncle David. That's quite a haul for someone so young.


  1. grandma5:15 PM

    looks like chas is having a great time

  2. Wow! Happy Hannukah!