Friday, October 14, 2011

When in doubt, choose absurdity

I don't understand someone who constantly shoves the rules in your face:
"No we can't do that...this is how it's done"
But will then turn around and completely disregard those exact same rules
when they interfere with her own desires. 
"Yea, they say that, but it's ok to do it this way instead."
Until you try to do the same thing, then it's a 180° flip back to:
"Oh no, you can't do that. Rules are rules."

It just makes me wonder--why would anyone value being in control so much more
than being a rational, clear thinking human in possession of common sense?
What exactly does a person think will happen if she allows another to think for herself?
 Rebellion? Riot?
Or a Revolution?
Ahhh there it is.
Can't allow that.
Better to go with
Oppressive ridiculousness.
When in doubt,
Choose absurdity.

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